Daycare & School

Whether you're looking to lease, to buy or sell daycare, preschool, school or college business or business with properties, LIANG Commercial Daycare & School Sales Team will eliminate all of the work and stress that come with the process.

LIANG Commercial offers turnkey daycare and school sales/leasing and transition services through every step of the process from listing through settlement. We will set realistic goals which produce a sale, and foster an amicable relationship between the buyer and the seller.

Our team specializes in Daycare and School business sales, space leasing, and property sales.


Strategic and Target Marketing

In addition to custom Marketing platform and avenues, LIANG Commercial will implement a TARGET MARKETING STRATEGY. The Target Marketing Strategy allows the team to reach previous and current clientele, first generation immigrants who want to be their own boss, maximize business potential and fully run and operate their very own daycare and school business.

Our goal is to develop marketing material and brochures outlining the potential and opportunity to own and operate a daycare and school business. Furthermore, detailing the quality of leasehold improvements, benefits of purchasing assets, and moving into an existing site, which was built according to city approvals and necessary permits for a proper child care/school facility.

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Tenant Services

  • New Lease – If a tenant needs to start a new lease, LIANG Commercial will help the tenant identify and align strategic business, financial, and operational objectives with real estate requirements. Our tenant representation services are distinguished by our in-depth knowledge of global markets, combined with strategic problem-solving abilities. Our services include strategy development, build-to-suit planning, demographic analysis, logistic/distribution services, market analysis, cost of occupancy analysis, and negotiations. Additional services like project management, facility management, and lease administration can also be integrated. We work with tenants around the world, meeting their requirements that span over a large range, from small offices to large global portfolios.
  • Lease Renewal - If a tenant needs to renew a lease, LIANG Commercial will help the tenant review the current lease and prepare a survey of market lease rate for similar properties in the surrounding area. We will provide professional insights on the optimal renewal lease rate and lease term, as well as potential free rent and tenant improvement allowance, etc. We will contact the landlord to negotiate the lease renewal on behalf of the tenant, aiming at the best deal possible. Lease renewal usually starts 6 months to 1 years prior to the lease expiry date.
  • Sublease - If a tenant needs to relocate, or sublease a portion of the space, LIANG Commercial will assist the tenant with sublease. We will review the current lease, prepare a survey of market lease rate, and make suggestions on the lease rate, lease term, as well as conditions associated with the sublease. We will list the space for lease to find a qualified subtenant, aiming at the best sublease deal on your behalf, and we will also help the subtenant to get approval from the landlord. For tenant privacy, we will not disclose the address if the tenant needs. Some sublease may become a headlease, which is what most landlords and new tenants prefer, and thus releases the tenant for lease liability.


To List A Daycare or School

Please contact Bruce Liang (President, M.Sc, P.Eng) at 403 606-0112 or by email for a free evaluation and consultation.


Buyer/Tenant Inquiry

For buyer/tenant inquiry, please contact one of our daycare & school specialists with the listing number.

Dan Duong 587-888-3883 danduong@
Jason Lamer 403-708-2456 jasonlamer@
Tarjinder Dhillon 403-870-0001 tarjinderdhillon@
Elton Lui 403-828-8008 eltonlui@
Kellie Rodriguez 403-909-8656 kellierodriguez@
Enoch Lui 403-512-8140 enochlui@